New "Wheels"

What started as a simple trip to Walmart for one child became a trip to several stores for two kids plus a bell for the third child.  After looking for bikes, we ended up at the Trek store and found the perfect bike and fit for our "G".  It even had a cute basket in front with a bell ringer!  It fit her like a "glove".  Well, the next thing I know, "Z" is on a bike with his dad checking out the gears.  The salesman looks at me and tries to convince me that a larger version of this boys bike was used in the Tour in France.  I replied  "Yes, that will be important as he is training around our cul de sac."  It ended up being a early birthday gift for is quite snazzy and rides like a cloud.  As a child, I remember getting new bikes with my was almost like buying a car! 

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