Simple Things Bless A Day!

This past month, I have been on an organizing "frenzy" and it has begun in the kid's room. I literally come up with my garbage bags, baskets and bins to clean and organize from top to bottom.  We start in one corner of the room and go in a clockwise direction and nothing is left untouched from closet, drawers, baskets and the "UNDER THE BED"!  
Honestly, if you came to my house, my kids rooms are organized and neat most of the time.  But, it's amazing how things from our playroom in the basement creep up to the second floor and the rooms are jammed pack with stuff!
I did my son's room today.  His room is kept fairly organized and clean.  However, my son claims to LOVE everything and cannot part with anything.  Hmmmm...who does that sound like?  I have a hubby who cannot get rid of any piece of clothing and at last resort will tell me it would be a good painting shirt!  So we slowly are organizing my son's room and it always amazes me that he had sweatpants and t-shirts from years ago...he says they are comfy!  
Well, in the depths of the dark closet, there was the red Superman cape from his pajamas. He was delighted to see a reunion with an old friend!  He quickly tied it around him and insisted on keeping it.  In that moment, it was great to see that he would wear it and I had a glimpse of my "little" boy who really is not little anymore. After, we folded it up and it's again in the closet. I wonder if we come across it next time this year...will he tie it around him again?


Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

I love the "waves" that you hear as you click on your blog. Thank you for the comment!

Hill upon Hill said...

I find it difficult organising and clearing out my son's room who also does not like parting with things. It is therefore full. LOL at painting shirts, ours are in case we need to work on the vintage car.