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I am new to home schooling so I would love to see more ideas and topics on...
* Classroom setup in your home with pictures??
* Activities you do during the summer to keep them motivated??
* Keeping grades or not??
* Typical day or home school schedule?
* What has being involved in a Co-op meant to you and your kids?
* How do you balance being a mom and "the teacher"?
* How do you keep your HOUSE CLEAN?
* What jobs or chores do your kids do in the morning to get your day started?


Hill upon Hill said...

Here in Australia I don't homeschool, but I enjoy many American blogs that do and have some suggestions such as:
Pleasantview Schoolhouse (just click on my sidebar)
Laine's Letters (she talks a lot about how she structured her day so her jobs got done) - http://lainesletters.com/letters.html (she has written a lot so you might have to search a little....)

Anonymous said...

I'm making note of your list. One of the ways I see the Lord moving me is in helping.mentoring new home schoolers. Knowing what you want to know, is a big help.

Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

Those are great questions! Maybe I can "try" to respond to a couple. I know there is a lot of great advice out there already too.

Blessings on your first year!