"Let's Just Talk:Economy"


Today, I have a new feature called

"Let's Just Talk"

It will be on all kinds of topics from politics to cleaning the grocery cart before you push it! I will throw out a question or topic and you leave a comment on your own personal thoughts.


Do you see the "economy" getting better? If yes, why? If no, what would you do to improve it?


Anonymous said...

No, I don't see it getting better, unfortunately I don't think it will be better for some time. Just a realist here. There have been many years of bad decisions and extravagant spending that have lead us into this mess. It cannot be fixed by money, or by throwing punches at our current president even if we don't agree with his way of dealing with it, lets face it he was handed the lord of all messes. I just hope that people reach out to each other and their communities. People should support their local small buisnesses instead of Wallmarts who really take away from all the little guys who put more into their communities and employees. I feel badly that we have become so cheap that we looked the other way while all the jobs left so we could get our cheap china junk. We need to think local, local farms, local buisness, and local famiiies. That is my solution, put your money into people and jobs here. My Grandfather almost died in the second world war and was so proud of his country he would only buy made in America. What has happened to that kind of pride, putting your money where your mouth is. Thats what I would like to see in America.

Paula said...

I think the economy is starting to bottom out. The credit card industry is going to feel the next ripple effect, similar to banks and auto makers. But we're not done yet, for sure.

I work in advertising/marketing, and we're just starting to feel the impact of the recession. Clients are being more hesitant, more careful with their funding. It's strange because advertising is often an early area to see cuts, but this time things seem to be different. I think companies are really starting to be worried about their own longevity, after hunkering down over the past year and taking financial hits.

What I think is strange though is how all of us who have and have had jobs through the recession suddenly froze up and stopped spending. My co-workers and I started bringing lunches, talking about saving. But our financial situations have not changed drastically. There's a huge mindset change that's happened. The country feels like the need to save, need to be careful.

I think it will take a little time for us to feel comfortable spending again, but I do feel like we've seen the worst and we're coming up out of the recession.

duchess said...

What a great idea to have this little forum.
My opinion (for what it's worth) is that no, the economy isn't getting better just yet no matter what we're led to believe on the news.

As far as what to do...that's tough. Maybe this is just God's way of showing us that we all need to live within our means and focus on the important things in life.

I do know that everything the government takes control of goes downhill rapidly. We can't have them owning/controlling all of these private companies & financial institutions. If they'd let the private sector figure out what's best for their companies (even our schools & hospitals) things would turn out much better. Yes, some would go bankrupt but the strong or even new companies would emerge but that won't be allowed to happen in this current situation.
I'm afraid to say that I believe with all of these new "environmental" changes that are going on in the car industry - that's not going to be rebounding anytime soon. Changes like that have such an impact on other sectors of the industry. What about just letting them make cars people want to buy instead of these battery charged putt-putts that no normal family can travel in?

Sorry, I got off on a tanget. There is really not enough space in a comment section for me to voice all that I believe needs to happen.
This was a great idea - I love talking politics.

April said...

Absolutely not...I don't think the economy is on the upswing anytime soon! What can be done about it? Pray, then pray some more! The way I look at it, it's all in God's hands! I second just about everything that's already been stated. If I got started...I'd be rattling on for days!

Joyce said...

No I really do not see it getting better any time soon. I think it is time to do more business at home and not in other countries. I think people should rethink where they are spending their hard earned cash. I think greed and the quick way to make a dollar has finally shown its ugly face in our country. Now don't even get me started about the elected nuts in DC who have sold out our country for their own greed! OK so now I vented and feel better:)

Joanna said...

I am not entirely sure..Because the news lets us know that in some areas the housing market is going back up, so this appears that the economy maybe getting back on it's feet. However people are still losing their jobs and a car dealership has closed in our area, just one of two that is coming, which is something that I've never seen in my life. So, that is pretty scary and contradicts what we hear about things are getting better. I am just totally confused.

CMB said...

I totally agree with duchess! Bailing out the auto makers etc... isn't going to help. If a small business fails because of a poor business plan no one is there to take up the slack for them. More on topic...I think the economic situation is very different depending on where you live. I have friends all over the country, some are doing just fine other's have had a very tough time. We have seen some interesting things in our area, several very wealthy people in over their heads and it is now catching up with them. I would say for the most part the middle class who has always been more conservative in the way they live are still doing fine around here. I think we could talk about this forever!

Busy Bee Suz said...

It does not seem to be getting any better...I think it will get much worse before we see any improvement. IT scares the bejeesus out of me the way the government is still spending so much and it seems on the wrong people!!!

Jan said...

It is going to get worse. Because of the things that are being set up for a disaster right now. I taxes will be the end of us if we don't just slow down for a bit and let things settle.

Stop the progression of more more more.

Em said...

Not as long as Obama just keeps printing more money and throwing it at problems! We just had a special election in California and learned that school class sizes are going to increase and teachers are going to keep being laid off. We don't need to bail out car companies, we need to help our children! Stop outsourcing jobs, stop raising gas prices. Going "green" is great... but how come all the "green" things are super expensive?

Liz Harrell said...

I dont think we're out of the woods yet. But then again, I'm a 'glass is half empty' kind of gal. :)

BlueCastle said...

I don't know that I'm a good one to answer this question. Personally, we haven't felt any effects of the bad economy. Yet. And I feel really guilty about that. But, I also know that the way the government is using this as an excuse to control more and more elements of our society is not going to bring about positive change, either. You cannot spend your way out of debt. That is something my husband and I learned a long time ago. In two months we will be free of credit card debt for the first time in 8 years. I'm so thankful for that. We've been living on a tight budget for a long time. It makes me laugh a little to hear people talk about all the things they're doing now that the country is in recession. Things like - brown bagging your lunch, using cloth napkins, making your own household cleaners, cooking from scratch, cutting out cable tv, not buying Starbucks every morning. These are things we have always practiced as a family. We don't do a lot of "extra" things. In a way, I think it's good for people to pull back on their spending and realize that life isn't all about things or what you can buy.

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I don't see it getting better.
I don't know how to fix it-but I hope we figure out something. I agree with anonymous-buy local, and US made.

Shauna said...

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Unknown said...

It may take a long, long time, but it will get better eventually. All things in life come in cycles, and after so many years of an "up economy" you know there has to be a down (because all that goes up...you get the drift). I agree with the first poster in that we should support small businesses instead of larger ones. John Hancock (I think it was him) once said it is better to have many, many small businesses than a few large ones. I think it was just plain smart then and it is now. I will pay more to do business with someone I know and like versus a big, impersonal chain store anytime. Flea markets are the epitome of free enterprise (well what there is left) and it is my absolute favorite way to shop.

Anonymous said...

I think it will take time to turn the economy around. This country has seen several recessions and a depression. It's always turned around. Maybe I'm just wishful thinking. I doubt it'll be done with this administration. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy Toes! Well I guess no one is going to touch on the biggest contributor to the problem which is illegal aliens and non-US Citizens!! They have been draining the system for years and continue to do so! When I walk into an American Icon like McD's and see 20 people training and all servers are foreign I wonder where are our American kids going to work their first job as many of us did?? I wonder how much are these people contributing to our tax system and our schools and wonder why I didn't walk out when I was greeted with a spanish spoken greeting??? Hasn't anyone noticed California? Every where I turn I see more and more non-Americans holding jobs that could be given to many of OUR unemployed! The cost of printing everything including street signs in Spanish is being passed on to all of us! And as far as supporting small local busineses these same people USUALLY SUPPORT ONLY SPANISH SPEAKING busineses run by their own people!!! Banks being forced in past years by Government to give loans to low income for mortgages they could never afford and builders greed to build more and more homes at higher and higher costs using illegal workers are another contributor!!! I could continue on this thorn in the side topic but I will finish by saying I am not opposed to someone becoming a citizen and contributing to the tax base but they are becoming fewer and fewer! Lastly when I was in Bank of America contributing to my IRA the rep stated I'm only working in this country so I can go back to Columbia when I'm older and live like a king! Yes while we struggle to live like paupers!!! No the economoy isn't improving and probably will not unless this problem is resolved! And it won't be because we have become a nation of wimps! Thanks for listening - Jeannette

Smelling Coffee said...

Wow! Gerat new forum! It was good to read the perspectives of fellow bloggers.

We are trying to trust God, laying our needs & concerns before Him, and striving to obey Him with our finances... while praying like crazy for our nation's leaders & needs.

It' an Evolution said...

I have to say I love this forum. I always feel alone regarding some of these issues but from reading the responses I know I am not.

I think we all have opinions and its a great way to become better educated by reading what others have to say.

Regarding the economy...I don't think the full effect of the layoffs has hit the street yet. Some folks have not been out of work .. even though technically they are laid off (end dates). Once their buying power is reduced we will see it get worse.

I don't agree with all the bailouts because a bad business model or a poorly run business should be allowed to fail.

Everyone is looking for a hand out these days and people forget it takes hard work to make a living ...you have to earn it.

I do pray the positive outcome of all this is that the smaller business get stronger. I want a return to a more centralized way of life. Living within your community ... farmers markets, mom and pop shops. I am done with the big guys.

The other thing I pray for is that people learn not to be so greedy. Be thankful for what you have.

Enough of my soap box!
Thanks for hosting