Sitting where I never thought I would "sit"

I have shared with you our "situation" in the last post. I can't say I have learned anything or become a changed person b/c it just almost happened. However, today I found myself somewhere I never thought or dreamed I would be. I went to a bloggers "live savings" convention. It was all about saving money in eating, shopping and dressing..

Here I was today sitting in a session learning how to coupon and find great deals in the grocery store. To be honest, I have always been the lady behind {you} when you used coupons who huffed under her breath and rolled her eyes. Always in a rush wondering why saving .50 is so important.

So since my husbands {situation}, I have stumbled (maybe kicking and screaming) across some ladies who save AMAZING amounts of money by shopping the sales and couponing. One of those ladies is a blogger~Andrea Deckard (she is here). Every week she helps by going through the sales and coupons inserts showing how you can save money. I went up to her today and "thanked" her. Somehow in this crazy situation she has given me some control or some handle on how I can help or preserve my family in this situation.

Maybe in another post I will share my amazing savings (let's just say I really have no idea what I spent on groceries..maybe around 250.00 a week or more)-last week it was 72.00 and we ate great!

Sitting there ...I wondered "why"...does God want me to cut coupons? watch my money? show more thankfulness for what I had?--was this the only "way" to get my attention?

i don't know but i have a feeling maybe.


Joanna said...

I read your other post and I am sorry to hear about your situation.

I started couponing myself to save money because we have to count every penny that comes into this house. I make grocery lists now by whats on sale and make sure I have all my coupons and my menus follow whats on sale, etc. It really is a lot of fun when you go a couple of times and save more than you spend.

Check out, if you haven't already, she does coupon match ups on just about all the stores around. She makes it easy for you.

Oh and I was one of those huffing customers in line too! : )

Astrid in Bristling Acres said...

I am truly sorry to hear about your situation.

I am really trying to curb our grocery shopping expenses. I wish cutting coupons made sense for our family. In our area they don't double or triple coupons. I try to shop what's on sale and make menus from that. Tough times call for tougher measures!

Keep your chin up!

Lulu and Co. said...

Oh my gosh, saving that money already is fantastic... food expenses is so much more now and i've been cutting way back.... making homemade pizza'a on our Friday night pizza night instead of ordering them/ I hope you post more saving tips... and I know there will be rainbow in all this for you,

Ruth said...

I love the savings I get with coupons. This economy is so difficult and you have to do everything you can to save some here and there.


Unknown said...

Hey :) I'm finally making my way over here!!

Thanks for introducing yourself to me! I'm so glad I have been of some help to your family during this tough time. That has always been the goal of mine since I've been there too!!

Please feel free to reach out if you need any help. I may not respond right away since things can get crazy, but I will respond.

Take care :)