Got Smores?

Nothing goes together better than a beach, fire and smores!

This is the first year that our "smore" making was smooth and "trouble" free. Usually each year in the past...something happens like "gooey" marshmallow in the hair or burning a finger or an entire smore falls in the sand!

Girls are funny! They thought is was so fun to come out with the pj's on and roast marshmallows with their cottage friends.

Have you made a smore this summer? you better do it quick....if you haven't!


Annikke said...

We just did s'mores last night - we don't have the beach, just some mountains and a lake! But it was awesome {and sticky} fun!

Anonymous said...

LOL. We have done s'mores a few times this year. Most notably, we tried the new ginormous marshmallows. They were not a hit. No one really liked the taste or the texture. As for me, I am most happy with just a slightly roasted Reese's on a graham cracker -- no marshmallows. Sounds like you had fun.

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Cute-we have had way too many...I am smored out... :)

Anonymous said...

No we haven't but we should...LOL! They look so yummy!