Taking the Christmas "picture"

I love almost EVERYTHING about Christmas. However, getting the Christmas card picture is "wearing" on my soul and patience! I have done everything from professional photography to beach pictures to just taking them at home. The truth is that as my kids get older..it's just hard finding the time to "shoot" a couple of pictures.

This year was No different. Same "drama" different year! My youngest was crying b/c she didn't like the back of her dress. My middle child has terrible chapped lips and mostly "puckered" then smiled. My son...well, he is just not into the picture thing

I think I took 214 pictures....out of all those pictures...I found 3! I will show you those later but here are some that will never make the front of the card....hee hee!

The curtsy.... I think I told my daughter 5 or 6 times to STOP curtsying. I don't know what this was all about. I kept telling her the Queen is in England!

Or the picture with the red eyes and not a smile to be found (I think I have at least 40 of these).

I have COMPLETELY given up on taken a picture of all three...either someone is touching someone, holding to tight, they are "squished" and look like they are in complete pain.

Oh...the holidays! Even after an hour of complete "craziness"- I will do it all again next year!

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