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If everyone jumped off the bridge?

My son came home from a sleepover and announced to us that his bedroom is decorated for a kindergartner. His room was babyish. I stood there and listened. In my head, I wanted to quickly reply back "My 10 reasons why he room is NOT babyish" but I listened. He went on and on and on about how his friend has the coolest room. A lot of his friends are starting to get tv's in their room. This has been a BIG "no no"! for us and still is for our family. I already have regrets at times with his "itouch"(but that is for another post on another day!)

We are hearing more and more this "My friend does this", "My friend has this", "His parents let him do it", "He is allowed to go there, buy this, watch this, wear this, say this, listen to this, text this, eat this...." Lately, I feel like we have been saying "no, no, no and No!"

Last week I said "If everyone jumps off the bridge, are you?".....oh my goodness!
My parents use to say that to me...I didn't care at that moment. It almost felt good to say it- it rolled right off my tongue with ease.

So, here I was in the cross roads between

A. Giving a big lecture on thankfulness, not having to share a room, being grateful...etc. and then ending it somehow with "no!" somewhere in that discussion.


B. Talking with him and what would make the difference from it being a kindergarten room to an older room.

{We chose "B" but it was hard!}

First, my son's room is VERY VERY small. We have a loft bed in his room with the desk under it to give him more room. He has little wall space because he has two big windows and a loft bed that takes up most of the wall space. We gave him a small budget (very small) he could barely buy a fitted sheet type small.

His dad and him went to IKEA together and bought some stuff. He came home with a bunch of wire stuff and these unfinished shelves with metal on them.

The shelves have no wall space to go on.

He is upset b/c he wants to take down his "boat paddle" and put the shelves on there. It's killing me...I had this wooden boat paddle monogrammed and is so cute. I can't bare to take it down.

He has had it since kindergarten:).

{Maybe he is a little right!}

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April said...

Ah, yes, my parents used to say the same thing to me all the time about the bridge. Didn't seem to make a whole lot of sense to me then, but now that I'm a mother, it speaks VOLUMES!

I've been down this same path that you're now traveling. There were some things we weren't willing to compromise on, but others, we were. Changing our girls' rooms around to suit their "maturing tastes" was something we felt we could work with. I think if you give your son the ability to throw out some decorating ideas and a budget that you can work with, it might be a good idea to just go with it. I think you'll find that you'll all be happier in the end. :)

adsgram said...

Mom...If his room is as small as you say, the shelving will be more useful for a growing young man than the paddle. Believe me, as the mother of an only son (now grown with a son of his own) I know it isn't easy to watch him want to grow up, but I really don't think he'll jump off that bridge!

It will be OK ...I promise...


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Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Just wondering how old your son actually is now. I say, best to let him decorate his own room like he wants--not worth fighting over and he'll certainly appreciate it. I agree with you though, he doesn't need a TV in there. Just tell him he can have one if he wants to buy one himself. (I seriously doubt that he would think it was worth it then.)

Windy said...

It is sooooo hard! My oldest daughter moved out, and my 11 y/o wants to move upstairs into her old room. I'm not ready for that, but she is. It's really such a little thing, right!?
My parents used to say that to me, too, and I try not to say it to my kids! :)

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Take down the boat paddle, for pitys sake woman! He's a (young) man with his own mind and the courage to speak it.

Anonymous said...

Yes the boat paddle has to go, I know a cottage that could make that stuff a good home

Anonymous said...

I think that's great that you gave him a small budget and let him run with it. I hope he enjoys his "new" room!