Come Out, My Cuties!

I walked outside this morning and saw this...

They are popping their beautiful heads out and it will only be days before we see their beauty. Spring is here for me. Even if we end up getting hit by an end of the March snow heart is with Spring. The moment I saw those flowers moving in the light wind...I turned right around and started to get out some of my Spring stuff.

I am totally in love with anything that has a "bird" on it. To me "birds" and Spring go together.

When, I was in Michigan, my mom and I went to this sweet store. They were having a Sunday brunch and Open House. I found this sweet, little birdy mirror (believe it or was under $15- yahoo-y!).

This is the time of the year, I really have to stay out of "ALL" stores. I can be a bit over the top with all nests, blue eggs, potted flowers, watering cans etc.. Spring is the kinda thing where you want to open up all your windows, Spring Clean......and pick out all new paint colors and furniture. But, that is not going to happen so instead I buy nests with eggs in it.

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Tara G. said...

Your last line is hilarious! :)

April said...

I adore your pretty bird pillows! You found some great stuff!

Astrid in Bristling Acres said...

I'm loving those pillows! I could use a spring refresher for my house....wishing I could buy a new rug and paint some walls....but I think I'll also stick to buying a nest with eggs in it. :) (certainly is easier on my pocketbook! LOL!)