4 days!

In four days, my son is going off to camp with his friend. I am so excited for him but feel a bit "sad" already. He has never been gone this long....a whollllleeeee weeeekkk! This camp is the real thing! It's rustic...they sleep in "trees" (not joking), they cook their own meals on the fire and it's "outhouses" all the way!

I have heard they come home REALLY dirty even though they can shower. But, the question is "Do they?". It's a week of zip lines, canoeing, hiking, swimming and total FUN!I asked my son's friend mother if I will get to talk to him at all. The answer was "No" and I think my heart sank a little. I can write him letters and they will give it to him throughout the week.

I am not sure if he needs the "letters"...I think it's me who needs "letters"!

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