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Come to My House.

Over the past couple of years, I have become friends with a beautiful woman(inside and outside) from my kid's school. We first met at a Bible study before our kids went to school together.

I have always admired her cooking. Secretly, I would love to spend a day with her and just cook with her. She is oriental and everything is just so fresh and made from scratch. I don't think I have ever tasted anything she has made that I didn't like. I have gone with her to the Korean grocery store in the "city" but never seem to duplicate. Lately, I have falling in love with her iced white "tea" and asked for the recipe.

This week, I came upon it and decided it would be the perfect drink by the pool. I was in the grocery store buying the ingredients and I could not find one of the ingredients that was needed. I think I had every man and woman who worked there looking for this item. After about 15 minutes, it "dong" on me that I should just call her. Well, I found out this one item could not be found in the grocery store I was at but could be replaced with "fresh" (even better!) Then she asked what white raspberry tea bags I had. I told her I picked up a brand at the grocery store.

Immediately, she told me to come to her house today to pick up "tea bags". She had the "best" brand and hard to find but are the perfect tea bags for this drink. So I stopped by and she graciously gave me a whole tin of these "perfect" tea bags for this perfect summer drink.

It was such a simple gesture but one of friendship. So now I can make lots of white raspberry tea "drink" and think of this sweet lady with every sip.

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Crystal @ Ordinary Days said...

What a sweet story. :)

Ruth said...

So sweet. Little gestures can brighten our days. The tea sounds yummy.