Kid's Jobs Around the House

I would love to tell you that I have done an excellent job with my kids and working around the house. NOT so! I have tried so so so so MANY things from sticker charts, popsicle sticks, calendars, lists, rotation schedules, magnetic- "y" thingys on my frig from books, clipboards, marbles in a jar to flipping notecards. You get the point- none of it works...none of it will last{at least in this house}!!!

Lately, I found a "system" {if that is what you want to call it}-that is working and is lasting! It's simple and it's cheap. It works for me and it may or may not work for you!

It's a simple notebook-.87 at Dollar General! On the back of the front cover, I have a small list typed of what is to be done "Everyday...Right Away". This is expected to be done without a hint of a reminder, nag, command or a point of a finger to go upstairs.

After breakfast, we do a little Proverbs reading and then I pass out the notebooks. Some days it's a lot and some days it's not! I have written a list of jobs that I want them to do in the morning...each child has their own list and jobs. It can be anything from cleaning the bathroom, checking the pool water to pulling the weeds in the front bed.

I have really loved this system b/c we are actually getting things done around here! Those days that we are gone from the house the notebooks sit for the next day or later that afternoon. However, the "Everyday...Right Away" list is done everyday! I can "tailor" what I write to the needs around the house that week. Sometimes, as things "pop" in my head I can write them in the notebooks for future days{my kids just love that!..Ha!}.

After all the jobs are done in the morning, they return their notebook to the kitchen.

That's it- easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Is there whining, moping and bad attitudes? Yes. But, slowly we are working through that EVERYDAY. The biggest thing is ME. Some days it's easier just for me to empty that dishwasher or make that bed. I have to make a conscious effort to keep going and keep my expectations high for them.

Do your kids know how to do all this? No. I literally did a little "tutorial" on how to clean a bathroom. They all squeezed in the bathroom as I took them step by step on how to clean a bathroom. We have even done "tutorial" on how to put your clothes in the drawer. They all have their own garden gloves for pulling weeds. This is the hardest part!

What if a job is not done well? If a job is not done well and it's because of "laziness" or rushing to get done- you do it over and may be assigned another job. It depends on the situation. My kids are learning {slowly} that it's better to do it right b/c they will have to redo it!

It's nice to have a clean bathrooms and garden beds without weeds but what is more important is that my kids realize and know that they are important to this "home". They are needed and can do this! :)

We read the perfect Proverbs this morning:

"Do not love sleep, lest you come to poverty;
Open your eyes, and you will be satisfied with bread. "

Great verse for that pre-teen who thinks he should not have to do anything till noon!

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Ruth said...

This is a great idea!! This is a tough thing to work through. My kids are older and it is tough when I need to add to their daily loads because they are older and can help out more.


Crystal @ Ordinary Days said...

We are working on our chore chart as well. I think it is so important and I have been guilty of doing things for them too, because it is easier!

whimzie said...

Great idea! I ordered a chore book that a friend suggested but if I don't see anything revolutionary and life changing in it, I think I may try your system! Getting a handle on this is one of my summer goals.

Mei Ling said...

Way to go Debbie! I am working on this and have tried lots of different "systems" too. Thanks for sharing what you are doing - that just might work for us :) We have also done cleaning training - have you heard of the "Clean Team" system? I have their instructional DVD and would be happy to lend it to you. The principles are great, but just like everything else, you have to implement them and stick to it! That's the hard part for me... Keep at it!

Smelling Coffee said...

I totally agree, and have been doing this with our children for years. It is so important.