What is behind a shot of a picture?

The past couple of weeks, I have received several emails sharing how they love to look at my "summer" pictures and all the fun. We are having a VeRy fun summer but it's still a picture. There is no "sound" that would show boredom, whining or squabbling b/t siblings !

For example, I took a picture of my "stuffed green peppers"- right below.

I was going to post this wonderful recipe. Until when I opened the oven to take the picture-my youngest took one glance at the green peppers and began to cry. I mean REALLY cry that she wasn't eating it!!! Then within minutes, Mr. Sandy Toes came up to inform she MUST stop crying b/c he will be talking with his boss in just a couple of minutes. After, I fairly got her calmed down, my other daughter had lost a tack from her bulletin board and had stepped on it. So you can imagine- she was REALLY crying! After, soothing and first aid spray, she was doing better but very teary-eyed.

So I looked at her and encouraged her that we didn't have to go to her "Fine Arts" closing ceremony in the evening{Okay....yes, staying at home sounded good right then}. She quickly pulled out a sheet and said she had a speaking part and HAD to go! Within minutes of finding out, I had to go to the closing ceremony, my son's camp called. The form on Sunday had not been filled out correctly and they weren't sure if they would release my son to his friend's dad.

At that very moment, I had visions of us piling into the van to take a "hike" across the state to pick up my son whom I was missing like crazy! Finally, that was dealt so we were back to going to the closing ceremony for my daughter.


Looking at this picture again...would you ever think that all this was going on within seconds of clicking this picture????


Every blog and picture has a story- we don't always see beyond the amazing pictures and typed words. I can get totally caught up in blogs...the pictures, the colors, the activities but just like my blog there is more to the story behind that picture!

I guess we can use our imagination.

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Mari said...

I love this! It's so true - our pictures are one thing, but they don't tell the whole story!