I often get emails from readers asking me a variety of questions about all kinds of things I write about. I received an email recently from "Anna". She asked...

"When your kids are not swimming, what do they do all day? I have a hard time finding activities for my kids throughout the day."

Great question. I struggle with that too- believe me! Well, I will say that I am blessed with two girls who have HUGE imaginations. The little things keep them busy. Give them stickers, notebook and a bell - they will play school for hours.

EXAMPLE-My girls must of taken my little camera and went outside to take pictures.

Pictures of them with "gum" in their mouth- I guess they thought it was funny!

Yes, they are in my van! They like to pretend they are driving their kids to school! :)

I think most kids will play- you just have to be diligent in turning off the tv, ninentendo and computer. It's hard...I know but I think kids just belong outside in the summer with a popsicle in their hand and a bug cage in the other! When all else fails, I bring out the sprinkler!

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Crystal @ Ordinary Days said...

I need to send my kids out with a camera! I'm sure they would love it. Imaginations are the best form of entertainment! :)