Today, we attended a funeral for a friend who lost her husband to cancer.

I remember sitting with her over the past weeks at hospice. Even during those days, she still had "hope". Hope that maybe a new doctor would operate, "hope" that a test would come back better than the last one, "hope" for a miracle.

As we remembered this young man today whose life was "full", I wanted to reach her hand and reassure her that "hope" is still there. It will look different and only "time" will reveal it.

I have listened to this song and thought of her every time I heard it.

"...this pain reminds us, that this is not our Home"

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Jaclyn said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend...it's so hard to watch someone you love go through a terminal illness.

Jodee said...

I am so sorry for your loss.

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I am sorry-
but I have to say, this song has meant so much to me--

PS-I hope you don't mind if I swipe that picture of the wine bottle--
Let me know if that is alright!

Ruth said...

So sorry for your loss. What a difficult and heart wrenching time. What a wonderful blessing that your friend has you by her side.


Susan said...

I am so sorry for your loss. A dear friend of ours lost her husband to cancer this year, too, leaving behind 3 small boys. When I heard this song the first time this summer, I couldn't help but think of our friend, too. It does bring comfort to know there's another "home" that's so much better.