...busy as bees

Our first day went great! As great as it could be! I will also be my worst "critic". I never did this as a classroom teacher but these are MY kids! I want them to do even better.

We started the day off with an early special breakfast of pancakes, fruit and bacon! The kids were happy to see their little special gifts on their plates. Do you remember those fun pens with the 6 different colors that you push down? I found them and they LOVE them!!! All my kids love tic tacs(thank you, Papa!)! My youngest eats just one a day to save them whereas my middle child has none left!

In just the three days of starting this- I am amazed how MUCH time I wasted b/t carpooling, waiting and more waiting! I do have my kids home- 24/7 but I do seem to have the "time" but just need to use it wisely!!! Next week, our schedule will get fuller because my two oldest are starting piano and theory at a music school. My girls start CC, too and my middle is starting LATIN(and so is her mother!).

So there is a lot of tweeking and tweeting still to be done...

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Tara G. said...

Remember how your voice would be all scratchy the first week or so after teaching? I had that this year as I added another child to the schooling mix! I was so beat the first week and took naps everyday. I forgot what it was like to have a non-reader, and started panicking- when would I get laundry done?! Things have settled down and the time has reappeared (thank goodness!)!