it starts with "H"

This week, we went to our first official "gathering" for "h_______". No not a Hanukkah celebration,

or Halloween

or horse back riding

or hayride....HOMESCHOOLING!

I said it...okay, I typed it. I am excited and scccCARED to death all wrapped up in one! I have moments of true pure excitement and then moments of nothing less than calling my kids school secretary at home to enroll.

In midst, of this HUGE change, I do feel good that we are getting involved in a great program called Classical Conversations. So last night, was our first get together and everyone seemed very nice. I already have three moms that I know. We are all embarking on this journey for the first time together. All we do is laugh if not we may cry!

Next week, I am having a "Plan It Party" at my house. All of us who have never home schooled are getting together to plan our first day! Nothing short of a little party with appetizers possibly a little glass of wine around Saxon Math books~

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Tara G. said...

We started on Monday! :) Have you tried Singapore math? I like it better than Saxon. I combine it with Miquon, too.

Kelli said...

We are part of Classical Conversations in SC and love it. It is a lovely complement to what we do at home. Praying for you as you transition!!