Two weeks down!

We have had our first two weeks of Classical Conversations! We really like it and it's a perfect fit for our "homeschooling" year! My kids love that they go to class and can see some friends. It seems like we carry a lot that day b/t dropping my son off to class and going to CC. This all fits in our trunk!

It's crazy!

We are doing American History Cycle. I think this is great- we need more American History in our schools and classrooms. Maybe if we did, we wouldn't read or hear on the news what is going on in Washington and politics in general! How can we ever expect our children to protect the "Constitution" of our country when they don't know it or even understand why it was written!

Anyhow, let me step off my "soapbox"....

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Ruby Red Slippers said...

Don't get off your soap box! Many history books have and are being re-written to make the past more palatable. That irritates me so!
Glad to see you are getting into the routine!

kelli said...

fantastic! I found my way here via the Blogher sidebar on my page and that CC whiteboard caught my eye right away -fun to come across another CCer!
Also, I will now be craving sugar pumpkins all night as I sing the Columbus song that I can't get out of my head:)