After The First Bite

I love recipes that are yummy and easy! My girls ALWAYS want to cook but sometimes it's just too hard or I don't even know what I am doing at the moment. But, we love to make "turtles"...they are super easy and you can find candy for any holiday. I found some "fall" m&m's on sale and we used them last night. We were going to share them with our friends at CC but we forgot them in the morning...oh shucks!

The girls can almost do the entire thing on their own!

Line up pretzels

Put a Rolo on top

Put in a 350 oven for 4 minutes

Take out and put an M&M in the middle and push down..woila! Let them cool! I also put some melted white chocolate on top to make them fancy!

My girls REALLY think they made something....after the first "bite"....You realize that they DID!

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Marmee said...

I think they look amazing. We might have to try it!

Unknown said...

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Tara G. said...

We use a pecan half instead of the M&M- so fun and yummy!! :)

Lisa & Gerald said...

mmmmm sounds yummy....I want to make some now.....