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Chocolate with Chipolte Spice

Today, I received my first "birchbox". It is a box that has "high-end" products that you can try from lotions, makeup, perfume, powders...and the list goes on. You get little samples to try and you never know what will be in the box. This month, I received some nice lotions, nailpolish and CHOCOLATE!

This chocolate is not like any chocolate I have ever had! I don't know if I liked it or hated it. The chocolate is from "Choco Pod" and it is dark chocolate with chipolte, salt and popping candy. When you first bite, it seems like smooth chocolate until that chipolte hits the taste buds...WOW! It was a tantalizing "experience".

My son came home from practice and ate the rest of it on the counter. He didn't say a thing UNTIL later I saw him drinking a lot of water!!!!

Birchbox would make a great gift for any mother, sister or girl-friend especially if she likes to try products!!!

....a little thank you to my friend who sent me this made my day a little sweeter!

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Mari said...

What a fun thing to get! The chocolate sounds interesting. :)

Anonymous said...

This sounds so unique!! Is it expensive?

Christine said...

How fun! This could be the next "Jelly of the Month"...enjoy!