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Christmas and Cookies

My kids made Christmas cookies last week. Isn't it amazing that Christmas is just the time to make cookies? I never make sugar cookies or really any type of cookie (except for the occasional chocolate chip cookie) until the Christmas season. I find myself looking at magazines in search for a new Christmas cookie recipe. I did find one last week that has "cherries" in it- it looked VERY yummy but I haven't tried baking them yet.

The kids enjoyed making the cookies. I think they actually enjoyed playing in the flour just a little more and eating the "decorations" before they actually made it on any cookie. Straight sprinkles from the jar! My son didn't put any frosting on his cookies. He just kept his sugar cookies plain and took another plate and put red hots and miniature m&m's to eat.

My favorite Christmas cookies are the green dyed wreaths made from cornflakes with the red hot candies on the bottom. I have memories of my grandmother making them and I loved how gooey they were. I don't think I have ever made those with my kids...maybe that will be the Christmas cookie we do this year!

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beth said...

Looks fun! When I was young, my mom and I would make fantastic spritz cookies for Christmas. Great memories now that she lives in PA.