Hairdryers to Smelly Stickers

This morning, we had our last lesson for the year! It's finally starting to feel like Christmas. Yesterday, I did ALL and I mean ALL my Christmas shopping right down to tape and wrapping paper. I didn't have ONE thing bought at 2p.m. but had it all done by 8:00p.m.!

While in the midst of a crazy mall with crazy people...I texted my friend to see if she wanted to do dinner. We met and talked, talked! She is a friend that has kept me completely "sane" during this decision of "homeschooling". She is my sounding block--somehow, when I just want to cry- we end up laughing about it! Nothing like a few "laughs" and lettuce wraps (they were yummy!).

This has been a very hard year with kids and gifts. They really didn't have ONE thing they kid's "list" ranged from hairdryers to packs of smelly stickers. So maybe that is why I could finish it all in one day...

Well, my Christmas music in on and I am about to make "cookies'...Tomorrow, we are suppose to go with some friends to see the "Nutcracker". My girls have their dresses laid out with jewerly and nylons to match...they are so funny! Now, my son has a ticket, too! However, he has given me the Top Ten Reasons Why He Shouldn't Go!


Tara G. said...

I love it- smelly stickers!! Have a blast at the ballet! I'm waiting for the schedule to come out here so we can go, too. :)

Jboo said...

Wow -- congrats on being such an efficient shopper! Smelly stickers -- funny -- is that for you son? ;)

Have fun at the Nutcracker!