Encouraging Along The Way

This past week, I met with some mom's at a wonderful and unique coffee shop. It has a "lending library" and even serves a wonderful hot latte with cinnamon on top! It was a time of fellowship and joining together of like minds. We shared some of our favorite reads from 2011. I came home with a great "list" of books I can't wait to read this year!

Just bouncing ideas off each other and encouraging one another is so important. I would say "especially" in home schooling. But, I think all moms need encouraging....daily struggles like homework, getting dinner on the table or should I let him "text"? Sometimes just laughing about those "daily" things can be a relief. Or listening to other mom's talk about their prayer and devotional time---it is so good!!!

Moms encouraging moms! Especially home school moms because sometimes you can feel like you are on a deserted island (well, you and your kids are on a deserted island!).

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donatelli98 said...

What were some of the books your friends suggested? Can you post the titles? I agree we all need motherly encouragement on a regular basis!