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My Word...

The laundry for this VERY moment is caught up. I think I did too many loads to even count. The house is {CLEAN}. The meals are planned and the new calendar for the year is up. Our last Christmas decoration is put away and I love a "clean" house. Isn't it amazing that Christmas decorations are so pretty when you put them up at the start of the holiday. However, it feels "cluttery" after the New that just me???

I have tried to "steal" any moment I can to go through all my pictures from the holiday. I have some great ones but my two favorites are in this post. I love "beach" pictures. It was a salty, windy day at the beach that morning. My camera got all salty and foggy so I pulled out my iphone. The ocean was roaring and the smells coming off the water were delicious! Life seems to stop at the beach- you actually NOTICE things around you like shells, colors of sand, old ocean rotted wooded,colored glass and funny footprints in the sand.

Each year, I usually pick a word for the year. I thought of my word on the beach. "NOTICE"! Life is busy and hectic- sometimes I don't notice much but what I have to accomplish that day. Other words that mean similar to NOTICE are...

observe, attending, interested, discover, sight, find, sense,

I think this is going to be a good word...

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Lulu and Co. said...

Great word! And Happy New Year!!!!

Jen Price said...

Sounds like a GREAT word! Mine for 2012 is risk!

Cheryl said...

Great word for the new year.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. : )
You reminded me I have to post about my word.
have a great weekend!