Eat My Bubbles!

Our swim season is soon coming to an's been a great experience.  Swim team really seemed to give "structure" to our mornings.  My kids enjoyed it... but my son's "season" was short! I also met some amazing moms and the kids were so nice.  I think what I really loved about the team were the kids!  The older kids were SO nice to the younger kids.  They really took an interest in them and knew them by name.  Last night, I heard one of the seniors on our team, cheering for my youngest daughter by name.  That was REALLY neat!

The entire team loves to write "messages" on their back during the meets.  I have not let my kids do that but I finally gave in last night.  They were so excited to write on their's like signing a yearbook! They all line up and write "quotes" on their back or draw little sharks or fish!

My daughter's two friends wanted to come to our swim meet to watch my girls.

  I told them it was going to be a LONGGG one but they said they loved swim meets!  They came and cheered my girls on throughout the night!  My oldest daughter came in first place for two of her events...I think having her friends there made all the difference for her!! 

Next week, is championships and our swim team is will be a busy week!

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