PUMPKINS and stuff..

This past week, we went on a hay ride and to a pumpkin patch with our CC campus.   I am always torn b/t taking a "break" for a field trip and schooling.  
But, sometimes I feel like we need to stop and take a breather from "school" especially for my younger one.  I always feel like she doesn't get the younger "experiences" like my others did like going to the park, hay rides, etc.  She does what the older ones do!

After we got in the car, she told me this was the BEST day! 
My son even came along and was a great sport about it- the trip was geared towards younger kids.  But, he liked it just the same and did it for his sister (and it was an added bonus that he got a break from Algebra and Comp)!

My oldest daughter enjoyed all the little kids.  One time, I looked over at her and she was carrying one little girl and two other little girls were fighting to hold my daughter's hand.  She was loving that!

Between all of us, we added four more pumpkins to my front porch.  Soon we will have enough pumpkins out there to open our own stand!  It's crazy!

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