Cooking and more Thanksgiving traditions...

There is excitement in the air this morning!  We have already baked bread, raked leaves and the girls made "rolo" pretzels to put on the appetizer table for tomorrow. 
It's only 9:04a.m. and we are accomplishing much! Family will be arriving around 2:00 today and the guest rooms are ready and the pillows are "poofed"!

We will have a big dinner tonight and cook the whole day for tomorrow.

This year, we are doing our "Thanksgiving Celebration" seder with our family.  The seder is a wonderful time of reflecting back to God's goodness.  We light different candles to represent different  events in history.  We will eat dried corn and  Indian pudding and drink strong drink to represent the suffering, blessings and the Pilgrims dependence upon the Grace of God.  We will sing hymns, read Psalms and remember...

We do the seder every other year.  It is very moving for most who participate in it.  A gentlemen from our church wrote this and I am so thankful he did!  It has been such a blessing to our Thanksgiving holiday! 

"These courageous Pilgrims were indeed stepping stones for the future building of the Church in North America.  We light this brown candle to represent the kindling of the lamp of the Word of God during the brown and barren winter of New England." 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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