Christmas Crack and checking my list!

This weekend, I got all my Christmas shopping done!  One day...all done!   Now I have to stay out of the stores so I don't add a little thing here and a little thing there.  This is what always blows the budget.  But, this year, I wrote everything down that I bought and the I am keeping track and staying within budget..a teensy bit over but this has been the best I have ever done.  I even went to every website of the stores that I KNEW I was shopping at and printed coupons.  I saved $85.00 right there...yep!  I did! {Mr. Sandy you see that???I did!}

We did our Christmas card picture. I thought taking a picture of toddlers and babies was hard years ago but it gets even harder.  They are tickling each other, teasing each other, fluffing up hair and just joking around!  They had fun but I was getting mad!  But, we made's done! We got a "group" shot that will work.  My son who normally doesn't like pictures did GREAT! He was such a great help and even loved on his sisters. He showed a lot of patience with his little sister...I love this boy!

I also made Christmas Crack!  This is one of my favorite Christmas desserts.  I only make it this time of the year and I don't know why!!!  It has chocolate and salt and butter...what else do you need?
It also makes my house smell yummy and sweet and full of baking smell goodness...

Christmas Crack
1 sleeve of butter crackers
1 cup of brown sugar
1 stick of butter 
Lots of chocolate chips (There is no measurement- it just has to cover it...probaly almost a bag)

Melt the brown sugar and butter in a saucepan and bring to boil for three minutes; Stir mixture the ENTIRE three minutes or it will burn; Preheat over to 350; I use a baking pan with one inch sides and layer with reynolds wrap; Lay the crackers out along the bottom of the baking pan; Pour the cooked mixture over the crackers (I double the mixture); Put in over for 8 to 10 minutes; Take out and put chocolate chips all over it; Let them melt a little and spread over entire thing; Put in frig overnight; Next morning, break into pieces; Store in frig when you are not eating them!

Yum!  Make it!  You will not be disappointed!I have seen some variations of this recipe on Pinterest. I am scared to change anything!


Mari said...

Nice picture of your good looking son!
I started making Christmas crack a few years ago. It's so addictive! Easy and yummy is a great combo.

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe. It really is addicting! Our Christmas Crack is a sweet version of Chex Mix. It's addicting also.
Merry Christmas!