Fondue Night

This Christmas season, we have brought back a little "70's" to our home.  I was at a Christmas party and a friend was talking about "fondue" night at her house on Christmas Eve. 
 It sounded like so much fun! Later that week, I came across an amazing deal for an electric fondue pot so it was an early "stocking" stuffer for me.  Seriously, it was so cheap that it would be in the category of "stocking" stuffer.

My friend shared some of her recipes and added my own "little" twist.  It was so much fun and my kids keep asking when we can do it again.  
We started off with a cheese fondue and bread then to an amazing "fire tomato" roasted sauce with chicken and tortilini. Of course, we ended the night we Mississippi Mud Fondue with strawberries, marshmallows and rice krispies.  

You would never think but we all left the table...stuffed!  It did take some planning but it was well worth it.  Hopefully, we are arriving home "New Year's Eve" day and if I can quickly pull off a "chocolate" fondue to welcome in the New Year....I just might!

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