Just call us "Greene Acres"!

Believe it or not that is squash from our garden plus we are on "overload" with cucumbers!  This is our first garden as a family and it was a complete "whim"!  Literally, woke up in June and thought let's do a garden so we hopped in the car went to Lowe's and bought seedlings, dirt and a shovel. We came home walked in our backyard and the three kids decided on a perfect spot.  We got the shovel planted the seeds and shoveled the dirt...and there you go!!! I am completely amazed that something grew but WOW it has.  Remember this was a quick idea so not much thought or seeking information on plants went into this.  So after some weeks went by we found out that squash plants and cucumber plants are HUGE and literally garden "hogs".  So we invested in some garden sticks and trellis!  It has been exciting to go out each morning and see if we have anything to pick!   We are still waiting on the tomatoes. The squash looks wonderful but I have never cooked squash.  Do any of you have squash recipes???? Click on "comment" and let me know!


Joy said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! I know you'll love it. It looks like your blog is going to be a wonderful way to document your children's lives. What a great way to keep a journal of your family. You have beautiful kids who are lucky to have such a caring mom!
I'm glad you enjoy my blog. Thanks!

Marie said...

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! Your veggie garden is great! I started mine back in March, and I think it's winding down now. It didn't produce nearly as much as I'd have liked.

The photos on your blog are gorgeous!