Feeling The Need for A Change!

I have been outside most of the summer either "weeding" or in the pool.  However, at night when things have slowed down.  I begin "The Walk"..do any of you do "The Walk"?  This is when I slowly move from room to room looking at what I could change, move or honestly "buy" to make a change in one of the rooms.   I have some great furniture in my living room/library.  I bought these chairs at a garage sale and had slip covers made. However, I am thinking that we need to brighten or change it up a bit.  I have red toile but I am considering putting some black/white check with it and some black accent furniture.  What do you all think?  I love, love toile!  If it goes out or already has, I will still love it...there is something frenchy and romantic to it.  I can be at a store or looking through a magazine and I always stop and look if I see toile!  The lime green and pink is one of my favorites! I had a great red/cream rug but it was just too much for that room.  It's too bad that my husband is late tonight b/c I could drive to Hobby Lobby right now!


Jo said...

I do "The Walk" all the time! Your pictures are so pretty. I love toile too, even back when I thought it only came in blue/white or black/white. Unfortunately I don't actually have any at the moment. I think black and white check would go great with your red/white chairs. It would be very classy.

Hill upon Hill said...

Me again. I also do the walk. Often.... I agree black accents would work brilliantly, similar to stuff I have seen at the "Nester's" sister's house. http://emmafree.blogspot.com/