Happy 12 Anniversary to "US"!

We are off to celebrate at Hyde Park......It's our 12th!


Anonymous said...

Hey Debbie!!! Happy Anniversary!! Gosh, miss a few days & cant believe how much you've had to share. Love the pics, new bikes, & garden goodies. Wish I had a great recipe for the squash but the best I've ever done is cut it up w/ zucchini, red onion, & peppers. Stir fry it & throw it over some rice w/ salt & pepper. Not missing anything here, I'm cleaning house today for Monday night Bunco. Have a wedding shower & family reunion tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your Anniversary Weekend & keep the red toile!! I agree it'll look best w/ some black added in!! See you soon! -Kare

Caren said...

Happy anniversary! We celebrated our 14th on the 23rd of this month and my sister just celebrated her 11th the same day as you and your husband.

I found your blog through a comment you left on "Watch the Wind Blow by". I'll be back to check you out again for sure!