Say Cheese!

   Whew!  Today we went to the Newport Aquarium and had a great time!  The place was packed and after five minutes, I thought "Why Am I here?".  I am home schooling this year and we could come when no one is here.  Anyhow, we had a great time and the new Frog area was great.  After, we walked around and I tried to take a picture of the kids by the pretty flowers.  But, OH MY....they would not cooperate together and take a picture.  They claim the sun was in their eyes and the black iron chair was hot.  So Sarah kept jumping up and Zach shaded his eyes from the blazing sun.  
   After the trip, we had to make a stop at Hobby Lobby.  I found this great stone Fleur like thing that was only $1.80.  It was 19.99! I was looking at fabric for curtains but found nothing so I couldn't pass up a great "stone":)!


SunRiseSide said...

Say Hi to the kids....great blog.....Love Mom

Hill upon Hill said...

Can I ask.... is it common in the U.S.A. to homeschool? Most blogs I visit seem to have that as part of their lives. Can I ask why you are homeschooling this year? Did you not before?