through her eyes...

Mother's Day is here. I think this day has many meanings and memories. Each year, Mother's Day continues to evolve and change for me.

Those first couple of Mother's Day that come and are just happy that you are awake and maybe your dress is still clean till 12:00p.m. brunch...Hoping maybe the grandparents are in town so you can maybe eat a "bite".

As the years pass, this special holiday becomes more "creative" and "colorful". It's full of homemade cards, preschool-made soap bars and "breakfast" in bed. The kids think it is your birthday and want to blow up balloons. hit that middle of the road "Mother's" can look back and see where you came from. Realizing the time goes faster than "they" said and you can already look ahead and know pretty much where you are going. Realizing it's on auto-pilot and wish you could step off. Hoping that it is still another year of a homemade cards and maybe they made it in their bedroom between school and soccer practice.

But, that middle of the road "Mother's" day is even much more. You realize how much your own mother did for you and that now after many years. You are friends...the very best of ones... That huge age gap is suddenly very small. You are at an age that you remember your own mother being.

You can now understand more who she is...what she felt and oh how much she sacrificed. You realize each day walking "life" together (even if it's on the phone) is precious and sweet even in the roughest of times. You wonder how she did it and wish that you would of inherited her "strength" minus the age spots and vericose veins.

There is no hallmark card that can express's unspoken feelings. But, every Mother's Day that passes with your own children reveals "beauty" and "truth" in your own mother that you never saw...

because now you finally understand and see it through her eyes which are now yours....

happy mother's day to all of you.


Mari said...

It's so true that Mothers Day evolves.
I wish my Mom was still living so I could tell her how much more I appreciate her everyday.
Happy Mothers Day to you!

Loui♥ said...

Like Mari said..
I too wish my mom were still alive..
fortunately she did get to meet her first grandson and enjoyed his first three years..
I so wish she'd known her other grands by her other three kids..
but mostly..
I've just plain MISSED her all these years..
you stated it all so eloquently..
there's no hallmark card to express our feelings!
have a beautiful Mother's Day..
hugs.. Loui♥

Kristy said...

This was in incredibly beautiful post. Happy Mother's Day to you.

Love and blessings, Kristy

Jodee said...

Great post! Hope you have a fun and relaxing Mother's Day!

Ruth said...

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Beautiful post~makes you stop and think.


April said...