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Angels singing...

Some of you have emailed me about the Country Living Fair. has taken me a while to post about my "day". I must say it was the best Country Living Fair for me or maybe "not". The word "budget", "save money", " be careful" disappeared from any thoughts that I may have had. In another words, I BoUgHt tOO much!

This year, it seemed like every booth had something just wonderful! I also revisited some of my favorites like the "sign man". They are such fun signs with the cutest fonts.

Like this...

Or this... It says "Happy Fall Y'all!" cute

This fair had some of the best was hard to choose.

My favorite is this. It's a calendar and the picture doesn't do it justice. My mom bought this for me. My entrance way is decorated with "pineapples" which means "welcome". She had only two left and this one of them. It was meant to be! It was the kind of see it and you almost hear the "angels singing and the beam of light"...okay, a little dramatic but you get the point!

I do love the Country Living's one of my favorite days. It's always been a special day with my mom and we have so much fun!

Oh...I got this too! The bread is real but fun! Mr. Sandy Toes thought I fell off my rocker when I carried that in but he is use to it by now..not much phases him anymore!

So it was another great year of fun finds- If you went to the Country Living Fair in Columbus or Georgia...I would love to hear about your trip or link...please share!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Well, those were some mighty cute things, Ms. Toe! Loved them lots, and I think you did well! I would have been in trouble right along with you!!!

Have a great weekend...


Sheila :-)

larkswing said...

Ooooh! Great finds - my favs of your picks: the give thanks sign and the pillow with the bee. Enjoy your new fun goodies!

Eva said...

Great thoughts and blog.

koralee said...

Oh how lovely....I soooo would love to go to that fair one day! I adore your treasures...thank you for visiting me!

Hugs for a great new week. xoxo

Ruth said...

The Country Living Fair sounds so fun. I wish I could attend. You found some awesome treasures. I love the pillows.