It gets me into {stuff} all the time~

Sometimes my {ideas} get me into trouble. This week, a bunch of moms are putting a special "lunch" together with the theme of the "Hobbit" for school. It has been a long time since I have read that book and all I know is that I have to think "earthy", "mushrooms", "leaves" .

One of the moms and I were meeting (sitting at Starbucks) still felt official! The mom was talking about how they did name tags last year for the meal. So my "teacher" mind begins to spin (it gets me into stuff all the time!) and I blurted out...."Let's make name tags with rocks". It sounded so good until I actually sat there staring at a "rock" over the weekend.

I tried different things without spending $! So there I was in my nightgown...early Saturday morning collecting rocks around my pool. Then I proceeded to "pull" off moss from a wreath in the basement and went to work with my glue gun (I glue anything I can!...even Christmas trees-that is another post for another time).

After, a bit trying and burning the tips of my hands...they were done! When everything comes together, the "rock" name tags will will fit the "earthy" theme.

Do your ideas ever get you in over your head?


Tara G. said...

The rocks are awesome! I usually come up with some hair-brained scheme that involves a sewing machine. You'd think I'd learn. Did you go to Homecoming?

Loui♥ said...

Love it!!
I agree..
fantastically AWESOME!!!

April said...

Oh, they turned out so cute! I'm sure they'll be a huge hit!

Ruth said...

That looks great. I am sure they were a hit. I have gotten in over my head many times.


Gina said...

Love this, super cute! And yes my ideas do sometimes (well, probably often) get me into trouble. :) Glad I'm not the only one!