my little indulgence

Little things can make me happy....very little things with "sticky" rice! In the middle of the day, I love to stop by my favorite "sushi" guy and buy some CA rolls. He only speaks Chinese but we would be on a first name basis if he spoke English. However, I can tell by his smile and nods...he knows me and what I like.

I think I frustrate him because I don't like the soy sauce that comes with it. But, I love the sweet red pepper sauce that comes with another type of sushi. He always tells me "No pepper sauce with like soy sauce". I insist on the pepper sauce!

It is a small you have any small, "daily" indulgences?


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I love me some sushi!!!!

Tara G. said...

Not daily or I'd be as wide as a bus! But I like Roshen "Svitoch" chocolate with the hazelnuts in the center. And they have a single bon-bon called "Mount Blanc" that looks like a little mountain. There are several versions, but my favorite has the nut pieces inside. :) By the way, there is a Laura Ashley store here and I think of you every single time I go by!

Anonymous said...

Yes Starbucks decaf tall latte Guess who?

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I love CA rolls!
I didn't know you did too-
Daily indulgence?
My coffee breakfast:
I have a cup of coffee with about a 1/4 of the cup flavored creamer.
This is why I don't eat breakfast-
I am drinking my caloric intake in one cup!