meal planning and a cup of tea...

I have a "cRaZy" week. But, even with a crazy family life goes on and meals need to be cooked and laundry needs to be done. Right nOw, my wash machine is humming because everyone will be wearing just underwear and maybe socks tomorrow! I am not a great meal planner but when I am facing a busy is a MUST{or it will be a bowl of cereal every night}.

My family has been less-than-thrilled with my know the meals we have every week. You know it's bad when your family calls everything a roast b/c you cook your chicken, beef and ham all the same way {in the crockpot with the seasoning packet}.

So I grabbed my cup of tea and sat down and made a family meal plan this week. ALL new ReCIPes{that's right family!}! I went on a bunch of different websites from Kraft to blogs and picked some healthy meals for the week. It will be different and it will be original!

Just brewing a cup of tea (with a miniature Trader Joe almond scone) makes meal planning an "event"..a "pleasure" not a "chore". At least for me!