counting down the {days}

About 11 years ago, I remember walking into Restoration Hardware and buying my wooden Advent calendar. That day, I never knew how this simple box would become a yearly tradition in my home. One that my kids love EVERY year like it's the {first}.

We also have the Playmobile Advent "scene".

It is about 10 years old and showing some "wear and tear". But, my kids love to find a piece of the scene every day in the advent calendar. I also add small little fun things like candy, chapstick, gum, cheap "gadgets" and {homemade} notes.

I think my kids love the {notes} like...

*Christmas movie tonight with popcorn

*Go to the ice cream shop to get peppermint ice cream

*Make a snowman with dad{notice I put "dad"'s so cold out!}

*Make a Christmas craft together

It does NOT have to be expensive but just some {thought}and thinking "outside" the box. It's fun and I try to think of new things to add. But, I don't think my kids want me to change anything!