A {tradition} for the heart

Our family has a lot of traditions..small things that we do during the Christmas season. Sometimes if I think about them all...my head swells. But, I just take one at a time realizing that if we missed one...my kids would remind me!

About three years ago, I was at a ladies Christmas breakfast. The host introduced us to the {Jesse Tree}. We went through it all and everyone loved it. I think many of us moms with young children thought we would try to do this in our home. Well, later, I come to find out that my children's school does the {Jesse} tree in class, too!

The Jesse Tree is a wonderful way to celebrate {advent} with your family. It is a time to prepare the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in flesh in Bethlehem. It is a wonderful way to present the {story} and a symbol for each day of the season with Bible reading.

I have seen this book on a couple of blogs and it is a simple way to do the Jesse Tree with your family~

Some families make them and get really elaborate! But, I love this book...you just cut out the ornament and read the back. It is wonderful and each day has questions to {spark} discussion with your kids.

We put ours right in the middle of the kitchen table...so we don't forget! It may not be the most beautiful {pottery barnish} decor but it has an everlasting effect on the heart.