Birthday Love...maybe??

We have had a VERY full week celebrating my daughter's birthday. It seems like we have moved from one celebration to another... We opened our family gifts with her this weekend. Her sister was behind close doors for hours...making something for the birthday girl!

As my daughter opened her sisters gift up...she acted so surprise and told her "How beautiful it was and how she loved it". As I watched, I thought how sweet of my youngest to give something of hers that is not opened (probaly from Christmas). She even wrapped it and made a card! Touching!

Well, I find out later coming home from her birthday dinner, that the gift had been taken out of of my other daughter's room. It was hers to begin with! And the bubble gum, yep! That was hers too. I couldn't believe it. I especially couldn't believe how gracious my oldest daughter was when she opened. She really had me there! My birthday girl knew the whole time. I guess she had to reveal her sister's "cover-up" finally b/c I kept saying how sweet the gift was and thoughtful.

My oldest daughter had a wonderful birthday. My youngest had a little lesson to learn on {gift giving}!

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Mari said...

That is so funny - and sweet too!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Oh cute....Gotta love sister love....heheheheh
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Tara G. said...

Precious all the same!!!

April said...

HA...that definitely sounds like something Abby would do! That's so sweet how big sis just went with the flow and was just as gracious as she could be.

Ruby Red Slippers said...

LOVE it!
Too Cute-
And happiest of birthdays to your daughter!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute!