My New Birthday Rule

...which I have broken before!

My new rule is that the ParTy, FamIlY ParTY, SchOOl TreAt, REal BirtHday CelebRation is all going to be on the SAME DAY! My daughter has been celebrating since Wednesday with her friend party...that carried on with her Nana over the weekend...which started again on her "real" birthday(presents and dinner)...which was celebrated again at school today!

How Do you Celebrate birthdays? Do you have birthday RULES?

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April said...

Well, when my girls were younger, we'd always have a "Family Birthday Celebration", then a "Friend Birthday Celebration". Plus, I'd, usually, take cupcakes to their school for them to share with their teachers and classmates. Now that they're older, we take them out to a nice dinner and come back home for cake and presents...just the 4 of us. However, we did throw Britt a "Sweet 16" party and I'm sure we'll do the same for Abby.

Ruth said...

Looks like a great time but you must be exhausted. Time for a break.

Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter.


Anonymous said...

Looks like she had a great time! That is a lot of celebrating but isn't it worth it! We love birthdays and usually turn it into an all weekend event.