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Served a "Dinner" Around it

Do you ever just all of sudden realize that {things} are just crazy around you? Tonight, I realized for TWO whole days...yes, TWO whole days....I have had a bucket of my son's laundry on my island. If you remember, I was posting a week ago how I like my island "empty" of all decorations. Well, I have replaced my decorations with baskets of laundry.

Seriously, I have moved it {around} my island while serving dinner and NOT even giving it a second thought. My son has pulled his sports shorts out for practice while putting them on in my kitchen. Didn't phase me! I was looking for a laundry basket to carry something in and there "one" sat right in the middle of my island with clothes in it.

It's almost tempting to do a little experiment and see how long my family will allow this huge bucket of clothes to remain there. Probaly till it's completely empty! What is totally amazing is that this is the first year I have all my kids in school and I feel more in disarray than ever! Why? oh why? I have a couple "theories" of my own but I will keep them "MY" theories.

Well, anyhow, here I sit writing about the basket in the middle of my island and it still sits there while I write. I don't really know what is going on with me because I think it may sit there another night...and what is totally outrageous is that I don't care. Am I hitting a midlife crisis? tired? bored? too much time or too little time? never home or home too much?

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Amanda D said...

This sounds like something I would do....I hate to put away clothes so I put off folding them!

Heather said...

I always seem to have the same thing going on - - - - it has been fun to catch up on your blog and cute family!

April said...

Funny, but I miss having the laundry pile up and clutter everywhere now that my girls are back in school.

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I have been known to leave whites in the laundry basket and just go get them out as I need them.