To an Amazing Woman ...

As many of you have read, Edie at "Life In Grace" loss her home over Christmas holiday due to a fire. I have read her blog since it began (I don't even know how many years she has been blogging now). We are two different women but in many ways have a lot in common.

Everytime I read her blog...she makes you think with her "words"..."Hey, Maybe I can do that?". She home schools and even though I do not...I love to read about her "day" and what her girls are doing. Sometimes I even come away from that blog in "awe" and think maybe I could "home school".

I am not sure if her real name is Edie or...really Paula Dean in disguise. She makes some awesome cakes and her cooking is amazing. Even then after reading her "red cupcake"...I think "Hey Maybe I can do that?".

She is the only one who can actually make "turquoise" look GOOD! Only any room...outside or inside.

Mostly, her written words that talk about her relationship with our Lord are provoking and encouraging. Her love for the Word and growing in truth is throughout her blog and it is convicting!

I don't really comment anymore or hers on mine....but I visit often and it's like visiting an old friend. My first thought as I read it on Facebook was "Why her and that precious family?".

But, I know God is sovereign and directs their path and will give them a {peace} that passes all earthly understanding.

Today is her birthday and many from the "blog world" are wishing this special lady a "Happy Birthday!"~