Answered {Prayer} Jar

Looking back at 2010...I can honestly say I am glad it's over. But, even though it was a rocky year...there was a lot of answered prayers. A lot! But, as the days become weeks and the weeks become forget those answered prayers. Maybe not all prayers were answered the way you wanted it to go but the Lord in His sovereign will moved and heard your {words}.

I think it is important to reflect on those {prayers} and remember how the Lord has blessed you and kept you. I want my kids to see that God's hand is on everything and He works in our lives. So in 2011 we are doing a prayer jar.

Now, when I first introduced kids were running to the paper to write down things. So I had to {redirect} a family, we will put things down or maybe even individual things that have been prayed for. At the end of the year, we will open this jar and read them to see God' s mighty hand in our lives and family.

Maybe I will need to get a bigger jar....but if our prayer life grows it is worth it!

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