It's Monday morning....snowing!

1. We just came off a busy weekend and my house looks like it. But, it was good and full. My kids were draggin this morning especially my son with the watching the Superbowl and eating Ribs @ 11:00 at night and who knows what else he ate last night?! That can drag you a little bit!

2. My day should consist of putting away 4 buckets of laundry that can't seem to ever leave the basket. Yes, my kids had to pull out their school clothes this morning but they were folded. My excuse is that my son's room has over a million legos on the floor and I can't even get to the closet. We have had kids here all weekend and every "visit" met more and more legos coming out.:) My excuse for the other 3 buckets...I don't have one!

3. Lunch duty today! My youngest gets so excited. She says she likes me coming b/c I throw out her garbage at the end of lunch. Okay?! Every parent should do lunch duty at their kids school. You learn SO much about the kids, how they relate...the good the bad and the indifferent. Also, get great ideas for your own kids lunches or maybe find out that your kid doesn't EaT their lunch!mmmhhh!

4. Found a great drink! It's small but good! Trader Joes new mocha in a can. It's lowfat but great on ice!

5. Paid my kids' allowance this morning. My kids have to do a lot of stuff around here to earn that money. They are sooo funny at pay day. My 6 year old (she gets a small amount) doesn't understand that a dollar is more than a quarter (hopefully she is getting it)- so if I give her a dollar instead of quarters-she cries. It's so funny to me! I have explained it and explained it. This morning she still didn't get it!

6. Today, is the 100th day in Kindergarten. My daughter is so would think she is going to Disney World today!

100 days it has been without any kids at home...I still miss it and I haven't figured this next "stage" of my life yet.

7. We have a huge decision to make. I hate huge decisions.

Well, happy Monday!

What are doing today?

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April said...

I'm trying hard to get my neck and shoulder to loosen up...but they're not listening to me! I remember doing lunch duty when my girls were younger...I always enjoyed being around all those kids! It did get LOUD sometimes, though! Have a FUN Monday!

Tara G. said...

We had some drama here this morning, too. Then we did school, I got everyone settled when Sveta arrived and I took off to run an errand and meet a friend for lunch. We have no snow and it has actually warmed up here, so it was somewhat pleasant being out on the streets! I had a lot of laundry today, too- ok, it's every day! :)