It's in!!!...finally!

I have had some Christmas money stashed away...waiting for an item to be restocked after Christmas! I saw this purse on one of my new favorite blogs I have found. You need to check this lady out but before you do... Every week I have checked this site to see if any have come in. It's a purse! Not just any's made with a special compartment to hold your "BIG" camera! It truly is wonderful and I have been waiting and waiting..

No more carrying this....

Finally, "this "

has a "home" ...

that I can carry with me on a daily basis! I can't bare to carry my purse and camera bag or the camera on my shoulder!

There are many styles that this site offers but I wanted black (isn't the flower cute?)...oh, I am so excited!

What is so funny is that I finally after years....hung up the "baby" bag but only to replace it with this! Cameras are much heavier than wipes but worth the extra weight to catch a moment.

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Astrid in Bristling Acres said...

Super cute! I really could use a nice camera bag like that. They're out of my favorite color. :(
How quickly do they restock? Does the bag look like it will last for several years? Does it look well made?

Tara G. said...

I saw those the other day, too! So cute!!

Unknown said...

ya for you!
is it so amazing!?
i am wishing for one.
my reedo mentioned that it would be a good valentine gift, but i am not getting hopes up for follow through with that...ha ha!
for now i am just wishing.

Unknown said...

Glad you have found a more convenient way of carrying everything - esp. that camera.

My teenager has got me carrying this little bitty over the shoulder bag. I can barely fit my hand sanitizer in there.

May have to go back to the big, over the shoulder bag again!

Thank for the fun pics today!


Simply Me... said...

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