Making Gel Window Clings...

When my kids were little, we use to do crafts all the time! However, as the kids got older, it is harder and harder to find time to do "crafts". But, I do try to keep ideas coming for simple crafts we can do together after dinner is done and homework finished. I love Valentines Day and I could cut out "hearts" all day if I could. There is nothing better than a big ole' red paper chain of "hearts" stringing across my kitchen window.

So I am always on the lookout for a fun craft that fits a range of ages....I found an "easy peasy" craft that can be done on almost any holiday. You just need wax paper and glitter glue! Any colors! Of course, we were sticking to the Valentine theme so red, pink and clear were the top hits in my house. Of course, if you have a wide range of ages of kids, you have to be understanding that the older ones may "ditch" the idea of drawing hearts and "XO's" to green aliens!

Just lay out the wax paper and give each child a glitter pen then start drawing. We drew lots of hearts but the key is to go over and over again till you have a design with a good layer of glitter glue. Nice and thick!

After you are done let the glitter glue dry over night on the wax paper. In the morning, carefully peel off the design from the wax paper. After, it is peeled off, dip the entire design into water then stick it on the window! You may have to press lightly while sticking on the window.

Woila! You have a window full of holiday designs. Just like those gel clings you can buy at the store but now you can make your own! They even stick on mirrors too! What fun to decorate a bathroom mirror with a bunch of glitter designs for a birthday "surprise"!

After, you are done, they peel off very easy! Then make some new designs for the next holiday coming up! It doesn't have to be complicated or involved...simple is good and just allows time together!

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Mrs. S. said...

Very fun! This would be a great activity to do in the classroom. I will have to keep it in mind!

April said...

What a fun thing to allow the kids to do that doesn't make a major mess and is easy to clean up!

Cherish Stockdale said...

Such a fun idea! :)