2+year old hamburger

I went to this "nutrition" meeting at a friend's home on Saturday. There was a lot of valuable information and I wanted to sink in my chair because I do a lot of the "big no no's". One being that "sports drinks" are not the best for your kids....i.e. my son drinks one before every game.

Or microwaves kill all the good nutrients in our food...i.e. I microwave anything that can be microwaved.

Or fast food is REALLY bad for you. She had taken a hamburger and fries put it in a bag to see how long it will take to break down. Years later (yes, years!) that hamburger and fries look the same. THE SAME! Unlike fruit or veggies that would naturally rot within days. I think every parent in that room was shocked.

But, that afternoon, the running here..the running there...BEGAN! What did my kids eat? yep, fast food! No matter how hard I try I think our lives have become so accustomed to quick and fast foods...it's hard to change. You have to completely CHANGE your life style...everything in order to change the urge to grab fast food.

After seeing that two+year old hamburger in that bag, it almost made me cringe to watch my kids eat it in the back of the van.

How do you incorporate "healthy" eating in your family? I want to know!

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Dot O said...

Sandy, I no longer do fast food after seeing a move called "Food Inc" and also seeing the several-year-old food in a news article.

I work from home which is an advantage but I basically don't purchase microwavable type food other than popcorn. Also, my family has turned into loving vegetables ever since I stopped microwaving them and starting roasting them in my oven after spreading them with a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper - they come out wonderfully - especially asparragus, zucchini, eggplant, snow peas, sugarsnap peas. We eat lots of chicken and I try to find interesting ways of preparing it. Last night I cut up boneless breasts into strips, added some honey mustard to them and topped with banana peppers and baked. They loved it!!

It's work but it is worth it. Now my son loves Gatorade - what did you learn about that?

vicki said...

I used to be the pefect house wive. Travel sports has killed that dream!

One thing I do is by "fresh" pasta from the gourmet section of the store. I can always boil and go.

I also use my crock pot about 2x a week often.

I always have cooked rice or pasta in the fridge, anything goes with either 'filler.'

If you want the best frozen fish, we get ours from katu? smoke house in Alaska. (dad and jim went there a few years ago.) It is the healthiest food possible! I bake that at 325 from frozen when in a pinch ..

Tara G. said...

I read an article not long ago about what they use to process hamburgers- very gross and I may never eat another one out again. Anyway, when we were over here the first time and traveling Europe quite a bit, the oldest was between 6 m. and 2 1/2 yrs. We would tote along bread, pb, individual jelly packs, fresh fruit, and water so we could eat on the cheap and at convenience at least once a day. I found it works just as easily in the States- I'd pack a lunch and go grocery shopping- the kids ate in the buggy while I shopped. Perhaps you could keep a basket full of sandwich makings, etc. and throw it in the van. You could even get some trays. :)

April said...

We very rarely eat fast food, anymore. I've just sort of lost my "taste" for it. I do keep a variety of fruits and veggies around and I always pack some in Abby's lunches.