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About 6 years ago, my youngest was crawling around and picked up a peanut butter candy off the ground and ate it. In a matter of seconds, her breathing was labored and she formed "hives" in her eyes. It was THEN that we learned that my daughter had a serious peanut allergy which revealed later that she had allergies to eggs. I was frantic for recipes and learning how to cook healthy for my daughter.

Well, this leads me to introduce to you a new blogger who is totally amazing and has an awesome blog about cooking, planning and recipe sharing for families with children who have allergies.

The Willing Cook

She is the REAL "McCoy"....her blog is amazing and only being up less than a week--it is packed with great information. This blogger has been working and tweaking the "Willing Cook" for a lonnggg time- she has a true heart for this subject matter and a desire to do it well. I was reading her today and writing down some of her essential "tools" that she uses in the kitchen. You must check out these knives(I have never heard of them!)!!

This blogger has a true heart to help all those moms out there who struggle with making dinners for their family while dealing with allergies. She also works on a budget which is another "missing" factor in many "healthy" eating blogs. It can be very expensive to buy certain foods to feed a child with allergies. As you read her blog, you will gleam from her experience and knowledge of cooking healthy while being smart and careful with your pennies and dollars.

If you have a child or a loved one, who has food allergies- Check her out! We all know moms at school, church or on the soccer team that are dealing with cooking and allergies. Pass it along!

Even if your family has No allergies- her blog will be a helpful resource in making your "food" a little more healthy!

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